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Episode Three: Prologue

Enter The Raven

The keeping of secrets is mankind’s constant enterprise.  


Reasons to hide an idea are manifold and various, though the methods tend to fall into a few major themes.  Murder is classic, if a bit traditional; these days, one rarely sees this sort of thing in the finer sects.

Even the ways these wretched creatures keep their secrets are themselves secrets!  To wit, the malhyrium harus ja has so witched their horgumir that it cannot even be friggen.  The Inculcate Order never consists of more than a single individual at any given time, and upon whispering their mysteries to another, they disappear altogether.  The Gelded Acolytes, upon reception of their order’s revelatory payload, are castrated. The lesson there is that when one is considering a cult, they should pay very close attention to the name.

A third method is incredibly straightforward:

to do nothing.

The number of people genuinely in the market for terrible wisdom is incredibly small, after all.  People don’t actually want to know what sinister force suspends the Earth in space; they’d die on the spot if they knew why a Maple’s cunning leaf sprouts its three blades.  Not only do they not want to know them, they aren’t aware that these are things to know.  There are innumerable caches of eldritch scholarship yawning wide, wide as the jowling megacraw, simply because nobody in their right mind gives a shit.

For example, “breaking into” The Startling Developments Detective Agency consists of

1. Wanting to do so, and then

2. Opening the door.

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